Residency program


061Our philosophy is that learning is best accomplished by a combination of hands-on patient experience coupled with didactic and task-oriented conferences.

Schedule of conferences

Morning conferences are held at 8 a.m. and include morning report, grand rounds, case conference or radiology conference.

Core conferences are held on Tuesday afternoons. This is three hours of protected time from clinical responsibilities for residents.

Additional conferences include subspecialty grand rounds, tumor board, interdisciplinary primary care and graduate medical education conference series.

Morning report

Morning report is scheduled on Monday and Friday mornings and is an open conference that focuses on the assessment and management of interesting patients admitted during the previous few days. Faculty, residents and students all are encouraged to participate in the discussion, which is moderated by the chief residents.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are scheduled on Tuesday at noon and are attended by faculty, house staff, medical students and practicing physicians from the community. Distinguished faculty from other institutions, faculty from pediatrics and other departments with the VCU Medical Center are among the presenters.

Case conference

A senior resident presents an interesting case as an unknown. Faculty, residents and students are encouraged to participate in the discussion in order to develop a comprehensive differential diagnosis and management plan. Once the diagnosis is disclosed, the assigned resident gives a brief discussion of a salient or unusual aspect of the case. Often the department chair or vice-chair moderates the discussion and provides additional comments.

Core curriculum

Faculty present a coordinated lecture series on topics that include a core curriculum in primary care and subspecialty pediatrics. This curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive education in pediatrics as well as to prepare the house staff to pass the ABP certification examination. The curriculum is complemented by MedChallenger Online Study Modules. Additionally, each spring a series of board review sessions are conducted.

Other conferences

Inpatient teams have daily conferences with pediatric subspecialties. Monthly house staff meetings allow residents the opportunity to meet with the program director and chief residents. The following conferences also occur on a monthly basis:

  • Mortality and morbidity conference
  • Evidence-based medicine conference
  • Journal club
  • Radiology conference
  • Tumor board
  • Interdisciplinary primary care rounds
  • Town meeting
  • GME conference series
  • Prep review or Jeopardy