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Pediatrics specialties

International Adoption Medical Clinic

photo7 Our mission is to serve the initial and ongoing medical, developmental and emotional needs of adoptive parents and their children from around the world. Our goal is to identify and treat nutritional, infectious, developmental and behavioral conditions so that your newly adopted child can reach his or her full potential.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our clinic offers a multidisciplinary team of specialists including occupational therapists and a pediatrician and nurse practitioner with expertise in international medicine. As part of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, experts in every pediatric subspecialty including gastroenterology, neurology, infectious diseases, developmental pediatrics, psychiatry and psychology, and physical therapy are readily available. The services are designed to augment the care provided by the child’s primary health care provider.

Pre-adoption services available through the IAMC

  • Parental education on gathering child assessment information
  • Parental travel advice based on country of travel
  • Review of medical/social information (as available)
  • Provision of prescriptions for child identified prior to travel
  • 24-hour contact with physician expert during travel

Post-adoption services available through the IAMC

  • Complete examination including assessment of issues related to growth, physical and psychosocial development, infection, immunization, nutrition, and birth defects
  • Laboratory assessment including blood work, stool testing and tuberculosis testing
  • Age appropriate occupational therapy assessment to evaluate neurologic (motor and sensory) function, social development, attachment and other parameters
  • Referral for vision/hearing screenings
  • Referral for special services including early intervention services or other specialized care including developmental assessment, and psychiatric or psychological assessment/therapy
  • Implementation of immunizations as needed and development of a plan for completion of required immunization in conjunction with primary care provider