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Pediatrics specialties

Hospital medicine

The Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine is composed of a team of hospitalists and pediatricians who specialize in non-intensive medical care of hospitalized children. They have extensive training and experience in providing care for infants and children with common as well as complex medical conditions. They provide comprehensive, family-focused care from admission to discharge. The hospitalists work with the patient’s primary care physician by discussing diagnostic and treatment plans and ensuring appropriate follow-up care at discharge.

Because pediatric hospitalists only treat patients in the hospital setting, they have the ability to reevaluate patients and offer updates to family members in a timely manner. They also work closely with the pediatric emergency department physicians as well as medical and surgical subspecialists to provide comprehensive and coordinated care.

Our pediatric hospitalists are also actively involved in medical student and resident teaching, as well as quality and delivery of care improvement initiatives.

Admissions, transfers and transports
(804) 828-9111

Pediatric hospitalist on-call
(804) 828-0951

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Services are provided in the Main Hospital, 7th Floor.

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